Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Been a While!

I've been busy with the Hallowe'en season, and am now ready to get back to posting here!  Time for lots of fun with spooky, haunted, and Hallowe'en articles, pictures and shops!  Oh, and can't forget links!

I know it's not Webcrawling Wednesday, but I HAD to share this awesome link: PANDORA'S BUTTON BOX.

Upon first glance, it doesn't seem very spooky, but take a look at her amazing and spookalicious creations:

Can't see the spookalicious?  How about a closer look....

Aha!  Palmistry embroidery.  Not spooky enough for you?  How about an awesome skeleton coat?

She also has an ETSY store, called, well, PANDORA'S BUTTON BOX.  Check it out, I totally want THIS SCARF:

Definitely check out her blog and Etsy shop.  You just can't miss!

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  1. hi love your blog(-: I want all of these. Gorgeous coat